BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW is a fusion of delicate, Victorian aesthetic, and a distinctly modern edge. Whereas many modern jewelry lines are created using CAD, (Computer Aided Design), each Blackbird and the Snow piece begins with the creation of a handcrafted charm, using artisanal techniques that date back to the pre- Industrial era. Black rhodium plating, unique stone cuts and delicate chains add a contemporary feel, while maintaining the singular delicacy of the line.

BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW is designed and owned by jewelry designer and recording artist Marie-Juliette Bird. Originally from the American West, Bird spent nearly a decade in London, working under the mentorship of master jeweler David Courts, creator of the original Keith Richards skull ring. While in London, she collected Victorian charms from antique markets; these charms now serve as the heart of inspiration for the line.

BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW fine jewelry is an ode to the natural world; the pieces express a connection to the wilderness and a desire to immortalize elements -birds, insects, wings, stars, moons - that serve as the living, elemental poetry of our world. The use of recycled metal and ethically sourced stones puts this environmentally focused philosophy into action. 

BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW fine jewelry launched it's first collection on Black Friday, 2012 and was named a 'Rising Star' at JCK in 2014. The line has since been picked up by fine stores and discerning collectors, internationally. Pieces from the collection have been featured on the cover of Vogue as well as Elle, Vogue Italia, W, among other discerning publications, internationally. 

Each piece is custom created and hand crafted in the United States. 


                                                                  Photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink